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Our Smart-Idler® provides real-time condition monitoring of conveyon rollers. Coupled with our cloud-based software we’re enabling predictive mainenance to reduce unplanned downtime and avoid catastrophic damage to conveyor belts. The nature of the remote reporting improves safety conditions by reducing the amount of time personnel are required to visually inspect rollers.

Globally, roller failure is the primary ignition source of conveyor belt fires. Smart-Idler® monitors temperature, RPM and vibration any time the conveyor belt is running meaning relevant personnel can be notified of hot-spots and vibration indicators before a catastrophic issue arises. This ability will create more efficient maintenance planning and reduced conveyor system downtime.

Smart-Idler® is embedded with the conveyor roller during the manufacturing of the roller. The sensor module has been designed for a lifespan that extends beyond 10 years. It is completely wireless, harvesting power directly from the rotation of the roller it is integrated with and relaying data via radio network. There is no special wiring required for your conveyor.

Smart-Idler® is a roller sub-component and seamlessly integrates with the roller of your choice, see: Our Partners.

Key benefits of Smart-Idler®

Vayeron’s Smart-Idler® gives you unprecedented information on the condition of your conveyor rollers, providing you the power you need to keep your conveyors running. Revolutionise your conveyor bulk handling operations today by maximising your productivity.

Reduce Downtime

Smart-Idler® accurately monitors the health of your rollers, predicting their failure, and providing advanced warning so that you can take pre-emptive action to replace failing rollers during scheduled maintenance windows. This eliminates the need to perform wasteful early block roller change-outs, and cuts down excessive roller inventory stockpiles.

Reduce Damage

Smart-Idler® provides autonomous real-time monitoring of your conveyor rollers, alerting you instantly when a roller fails. Immediate response reduces the risk of fires, belt tears, excessive noise and tracking problems, allowing you to take prompt action to avoid excessive conveyor damage and costly repairs and downtime.

Improve Safety

Smart-Idler® allows your personnel to view the status of your conveyor rollers remotely from the comfort and safety of a control room. It reduces exposure to mechanical hazards associated with manual inspection methods, and instantly alerts you to unsafe temperature rises in the roller bearings, reducing the potential for fires on your conveyor.


Roller at a temperature which exceeds statutory limits for underground coalmines.

Worn roller shell with sharp edges cutting into the belt.

Product Datasheet

Download our datasheet for detailed technical specifications

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Cyber Security FAQ

Download our Smart-Idler® Cyber Security FAQ for answers to security questions

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